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Creation and the Fall Before Time  Began God creates a perfect world, but rebellion and sin soon mar His creation.
Noah and the Flood Long before Abraham's time God offers humankind a second chance through a righteous man and his family.
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob 2100-1850 BC Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob begin to lay the foundation for a nation devoted to God.
The Exodus from Egypt 1850-1450 BC The freed Israelites set out for the Promised Land under the leadership of Moses.
Years in the Wilderness 1450-1400 BC God punishes His people for their disobedience by delaying their entry into Canaan.
Claiming the Land of Promise 1400-1350 BC Joshua leads the Israelites to conquer the land promised centuries before to Abraham.
Period of the Judges 1350-1050 BC Several military heroes take center stage to deliver Israel from its enemeis.
Saul: Israel's Frist King 1050-1000 BC Israel's First King begins well but falls victim to pride and his jealousy of David.
David the Warrior 1000-960 BC A united Israel exp[ands and prospers under David's capable leadership.
Solomon's United Kingdom 960-920 BC Solomon's lavish lifestyle and harsh policies plant the seeds of rebellion.
The Northern Kingdom (Israel) 920-722 BC Ten northern tribes rebel against Solomon's rule and establish a separate nation.
The Southern Kingdom (Judah) 920-587 BC The two southern tribes continue the dynasty of David and Solomon.
Years of Exile 575-540 BC Citizens of Judah live as captives away from their homeland.
Return to Jerusalem after the Exile 540-400 BC A remnant of Jewish captives return to their homeland and rebuild the Temple.
The Period between the Testaments 400-5 BC God uses dramatic world changes to prepare His people for the coming of the Messiah.
Jesus the Promised Messiah 5 BC-28 AD Jesus ushers in the kingdom of God with His teachings, miracles and redemptive death.
Growth of the Early Church 28-68 AD The church spreads from Jews to Gentles and throughout the Roman world.
Letters of the Apostle Paul 49-68 AD The apostle to the Gentiles encourages new churches and believers with his writings.
General New Testament Letters 60-90 AD Early church leaders instruct a broad audience on the essentials of the Gospel.
The Revelation of John 95 AD The apostle John describes the coming of God's future kingdom and the universal reign of Christ.
"From Layman's Bible Survey, published by Barbour Publishing, Inc.  Used by permission.
I may not agree that the dates above are completely accurate, but, the author listed them as such and I agree that they are very close indeed if not actually accurate.  The object of this information is for the reader to learn the sequence of events throughout the Bible.  --- Pastor WIse
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