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A Brief Understanding of each Book of the New Testament

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  • Matthew presents Jesus as the Promised Savior

  • Mark present Jesus as the Powerful Savior

  • Luke presents Jesus as the Perfect Savior

  • John presents Jesus as the Personal Savior

  • Acts presents Jesus as the Risen and the Ascending Lord

  • Romans teaches the great truths of the gospel and Christian doctrine. Just about every major doctrine of the Christian faith is presented.

  • 1 Corinthians - Paul correcting a carnal and immature church

  • 2 Corinthians - Paul defending his apostleship; exhortation to obedience.

  • Galatians - Paul's serious warning against wavering in the faith and being deceived by legalism (Judaizers). This is Paul's only letter to a group of churches.

  • Ephesians - The believer's position and privilege in Christ, with three great chapters on doctrine and three great chapters on duty.

  • Philippians - a very warm letter about maintaining joy in the midst of all circumstances.

  • Colossians - Paul proclaiming that believers are complete in Christ and warning against heresy.

  • 1 Thessalonians - living in light of Christ's return.

  • 2 Thessalonians - presents questions about the second coming of Christ.

  • 1 Timothy - Paul's instructions for church ministry and conduct.

  • 2 Timothy - continuing the ministry after Paul's death.

  • Titus - once again Paul's instructions for church ministry and conduct.

  • Philemon  - Paul's personal letter to a brother about forgiveness.

  • Hebrews - written to Jewish believers to warn and exhort them against reverting back to the Old Testament covenant but instead going forward by faith in Christ.

  • James  - a very practical letter to believers for living  out our faith, written by the Lord's brother.

  • 1 Peter - grace, faith, and hope in times of suffering.

  • 2 Peter - standing firm in our knowledge of the truth.

  • 1 John - living in the light of God's truth; what a genuine believer looks like.

  • 2 John - truth and hospitality; watch out for deceivers.

  • 3 John - truth and hospitality; watch out for troublemakers.

  • Jude - an exhortation to defend the truth against apostasy with warnings against godless living, written by the Lord's brother.

  • Revelation - focuses primarily on prophetic and future events.

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