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Celebrity NET Worth                                                                                                                               Pastor Wise,         February, 6, 2014

I have been doing some thinking after watching all the salaries that professional sports people, singers, actors, etc., receive and it struck me that it is no wonder that so many in the world cannot get the simple necessities for life because of lack of money to purchase them.  Before anyone gets all offended, let me say that I realize that lots of celebrities do give to charities and such, but do they give proportional to their income worth?

I decided to look up a mere 50 celebrities to see what their NET worth was.  No keep in mind that a lot of these people you may not even recognize.  I only included a few well known celebrities whose NET worth would make this chart increase dramatically.  If all the multi-millionaire celebrities would donate 1 million dollars to house and feed the poor of the world, just think of what changes could be made in their lives.

Celebrity In Millions Occupation
Billy Joel    160 musician  
Harry Shum Jr    14 dancer, choreographer, singer and actor   
David S. Goyer  9 screenwriter, director, comic book writer, and novelist 
Coko 10 gospel and R&B singer  
DJ Khalil 16  hip hop artist and producer  
Kelli Giddish 8 actress  
Jill Goodacre 5 actress and former model  
Miguel Jontel Pimentel 10 musician, songwriter, and producer  
Tamron Hall 5 national correspondent and news anchor  
Jack Blades 20 musician  
Blake Harrison 18 actor  
Daphne Oz 12 author and television host  
Amber Smith 13 actress and former model  
Grace Hightower 16 socialite, actress, philanthropist, and singer   
Franka Potente 18 German actress and singer  
Bob Kevoian 15 radio host  
Busy Philipps 12 American actress  
Elaine Paige 40 English singer and actress  
David Gallagher 185 American actor  
Monica Crowley 4 American radio and television commentator   
Fred Dryer 12 Former NFL player and American actor  
Jon Ryan 12 Canadian professional football player   
Sylvester Williams 16 NFL football player  
Alex Karras 16 Former NFL player, actor  
Edgar Martinez 22 MLB ballplayer  
Luis Gonzalez 40 Former MLB player  
Fred McGriff 30 Former MLB player  
Rafael Furcal 45 MLB ballplayer  
Troy Glaus 40 Former MLB player  
Pedro Martinez 70 Former MLB player  
Mike Mussina 70 Former MLB player  
Gary Sheffield 90 Former MLB player  
Alan Grayson 17 Politician  
Albert del Rosario 657 Philippine business executive   
Farah Pahlavi 100 former Queen and exiled Empress of Iran   
Prince Edward 45 British prince  
Princess Anne 30 British princess  
Rick Scott 200 American politician and businessman   
Terry McAuliffe 30 American businessman and politician   
Olympia Snowe 30 American Politician  
Michael McCaul 200 American Politician  
Claire McCaskill 20 American Politician  
Bono 600 musician  
Ringo Starr 300 musician  
George Harrison (estate) 400 musician  
Paul McCartney 600 musician  
Barack Obama 12 politician  
Cher 305 singer  
Eric Clapton 200 musician  
Charlie Sheen 125 actor  
      ONLY 50 celebrities - 1000's more not listed!
  $4,924,000,000.00 If they would average 1 Million apiece think of the good they
  Million Dollars could do.  Yet they have fun raisers and maybe get 1 million?

I am of the mind that to one to whom much is given, much is expected.  Greed has a way of ruining so many peoples minds.  I have to believe this is what happens when these celebrities when the money starts rolling in.

Just my thoughts....what are yours?
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