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Email I received from Rod Parsley today 2-4-14.  My comments are highlighted in yellow to avoid confusion.

Dear Bob,

Are you ready for God to do a
turnaround on something that was dead in your life? The spiritual life of your child...grandchild...teenager...your marriage...your finances...whatever you consider dead God is about to give you a word that will resurrect it and completely turnaround that situation!

Dr. Steve Munsey (Munsey is one of the biggest shysters in the same vein as Mike Murdock) recently came to share with us a word - a revelation - on the
Miracle of Sustainment... a word for Breakthrough... a word JUST FOR YOU...(it always amazes me that people fall for this one.  IF it was just for ME, then why do thousands of other people get the same email?) a powerful turnaround message concerning three miracles that will happen in your life - directly from the Living Word of our Almighty and Everlasting God.

CLICK HERE and watch Dr. Munsey explain this incredible revelation as he joined me in the Breakthrough studio! (link has been disabled )

Friend, I believe with all my heart God sent Dr. Munsey with this word at such a time as this - to sustain you as you sustain the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why? Because the Gospel is under attack! (Rod perverts so much of the Gospel yet he has the audacity to say the Gospel is under attack, but not by him)

In a world where even preachers have stopped proclaiming the full truth of the Gospel
- denying the blood - denying the cross - denying the resurrection - I am more determined than ever to proclaim the irrefutable truth of Godís Word! (then in my opinion, Rod needs to REPENT and start teaching the Truth!)

Life, freedom, and unending blessing are YOURS through faith in Jesus Christ.

But faith is an action! It requires you to make a step. But
when you make that step toward God, He steps toward you - with turnaround miracles! (here is how so many are fooled by Rod in that he gets you to think that God will not and cannot do anything for you UNTIL you make the 1st move)

The Miracle of Sustainment is found in 1 Kings 17, where three miracles were provisioned for the widow woman and her son, whom God chose as sustainers of His work:

  1. a miracle in their family - they were sustained, and did not die
  2. a miracle in their finances - their provisions did not run dry (God provided the widow and her child with meal & oil to sustain them until the next rain came. Verse 14: For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth) Here-in lies the deception by Rod to his listeners...he makes them believe by subtle word manipulation that their FINANCES were sustained, but no-where does it say God gave them enough money to buy milk or anything else.  God supplied the widow and her son with enough meal and oil to allow them to survive until the rains came.
  3. a miracle in their future - an attack of the enemy was cancelled by a supernatural move of God
What you do for the Lordís House, He will do for yours. If you sustain the work of God, He will sustain you and do a turnaround in your life - just as He provided these miracles of sustainment in 1 Kings 17.

As you watch this powerful message, I pray that you will send your best gift - to support the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I will believe God with you to do what He did in 1 Kings 17, and pour into your life the Miracle of Sustainment.

Your generous support will enable me to continue to preach the irrefutable and incorruptible Word of God and provide help and hope to those in need around the world through the
Breakthrough television broadcast and our Bridge of Hope outreach.

Remember, when you take a stand to help sustain this voice (Rod's voice), God will take a stand to help sustain your house and turnaround the circumstances that the devil is trying to bring upon YOU!

Give today and watch God move on your behalf! (it always comes down to always have to GIVE to GET)  Thank you for deciding to become a sustainer, and keeping the vital voice of the Gospel strong!
Pastor Rod Parsley

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