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Joel Osteen the Gospel of "ME"

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Joel Osteen has come out with a "new" prophesy for Christmas 2018.  In a letter I received from Joel Osteen Ministries today (November 27, 2018), Joel assured me that the "word" he had for me was for me only and no one else.  Joel went on to explain that before I think this word is for someone else, he wants me to know that what's on his heart is "specifically for me". click the image below to enlarge.


joel osteen prophesy 2018

Another reason I believe it is for me is because Joel used the word "you", 53 times in this short letter.

One of the many things I noticed in this letter was the remarkable way Joel has copied the techniques of so many other false prophets and money scammers who hide behind and use the Bible for  their own personal gain at the expense of their followers.  First of all, No-one should have "followers" except Jesus.  We are to forsake all and follow Him (Jesus) not man or woman.+

Another thing I noticed is that Joel mentions that his is a message of hope.  Consider the picture below where Joel says this instead of saying the message of Jesus, who is what all people need.  With Jesus comes hope...Hope does not bring Jesus, it is the other way around.  This is self help not the Gospel message. click image to enlarge

joel osteen letter of hope

If you will notice in the image below, Joel does not really want to know what God is putting on my heart.  he is giving me multiple suggestions that deal with my lifestyle and livelihood unless you check the "other" box and write in something about "drawing closer to Jesus" or something similar.  This is an old old trick to get you to focus on yourself instead of the Lord.  Most all the false ministers/prophets use this tactic.  Notice the first selection in the list?  How much more selfish a suggestion can one ask for in a world that needs Jesus more than anything?  click image to enlarge


So sadly, I must say that Joel Osteen has risen to new heights with his deception and blasphemy towards the Lord Jesus and His people.  Joel will lead you astray my friends with his live your best life now attitude.  Heaven is not now.....Heaven is the future.  Do not be deceived by this "gospel" of selfishness and greed.

T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Ken Hagin, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyer and all the others "preachers" like them may be proud of Joel and ready to welcome him with open arms, BUT Jesus will have the last say in this my friends.  On that you can count on.


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is a non-denominational Christ based ministry which is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world and to exposing the error in the teachings of many of the false teachers who have invaded our churches.  Founded by Reverend Robert Wise under the  calling from God and after many years of studying the different denominations and preachers who have gotten away from the true Word of God and have allowed man's selfish wants and wishes to dominate their organizations and local churches.  It is our belief that the Bible is not being preached in today's pulpits.  Preachers have turned from the true Word of God and have made a concerted effort to turn our churches and pulpits into a self centered based belief system. Churches have become mini country clubs without golf courses. Pleasing the pew sitters is what is being preached instead of pleasing the Lord. Our goal is to be an avenue to share the Gospel with anyone who wishes to hear it like it was intended to be told.  Forgotten Word Ministries website has materials that are designed to help you to understand the Word of God, identify false teachings which are designed to help you along your Christian walk.


Message from the Founder   About the Founder
Forgotten Word Ministries was brought  to life by directive of the Holy Spirit to promote the true Word of God through His Holy Scriptures.  We DO NOT hate any of the people we have listed on our site, in fact we love them all but we disagree with their teachings.  Our intention is to show you how some preachers are using the Word of God for personal gain or are just plain misled themselves, thereby misleading others who follow them and their teachings.  We do everything we can to discuss these matters with those involved but the majority refuse to discuss anything with us or with very few others.  We do pray that these persons who are either purposely misleading for personal gain or are misled themselves will see the Lord's Word for what it is, not what they wish it to be.

God Bless You, 
Pastor Wise




This website will divide it's attention between Proper Bible teachings and pointing out the false prophets and the false preachers that have risen in great numbers in the church these last 35 or so years.


False preachers are leading thousands if not millions of people in the  wrong direction and causing them to follow a Jesus that is not the Jesus of the Bible.  False preachers are getting rich off of the flock and that is certainly something that needs to be attended to.


There is a section of who these false preachers are and sad to say, the list  continues to grow.  As heartbreaking as it is to me and you, imagine how heartbreaking it is for the Lord.



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