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Outraged Parents Speak Out After Heroin Found in Faculty Bathroom of Elementary School

Parents are outraged after heroin and drug paraphernalia were found in the bathroom of a Fallsburg, New York elementary school not once, but twice since December.  Parents of students at the school weren't told about it until recently.   A letter was sent to parents that read in part, "An employee of the District found drugs and related paraphernalia in a school rest room..." The letter failed to specify that the drug found was heroin, and that the heroin was found in a faculty bathroom. 

After police narrowed the investigation to a small group of school employees, the teachers union stepped in and allegedly pushed the school faculty members to stonewall the criminal probe. Eight suspected school employees originally agreed to give urine samples to investigators, but since the alleged union intervention, seven are no longer cooperating. The one non-union member has given a sample.  Three parents with children at the school joined Megyn Kelly to express their outrage at the district's handling of the situation.   Robert Heyward, the father of a 9-year-old student at the school called the school district's officials "liars."

Keith Unger, the father of three young children enrolled in the elementary school, said that he transports kids for the school district. "I have to take a drug test to put kids on that bus I drive," Unger said. "And now I have to send my three children to school and not know if it's their teacher, or if their teacher is going to OD because they want to shoot up in the bathroom, and it's scary." Unger's wife Insley, a trained EMT, says she has seen first-hand the deadly effects of heroin. "It's scary enough to have a person who's either overdosed or who takes heroin in the back of an ambulance, but the thought of having them physically in a classroom as a teacher, as a one-on-one, as a janitor, as anybody, is nerve-wracking. These children have no idea what to look for, nor should they have to."  Heyward said he always assumed that teachers were drug tested before being hired since they are taking care of children. "The should be drug tested, and if they have a problem with that, it's their problem."

See the video interview here

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